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Clean Matters!

Clean Matters!

Opposition spokesperson on Health & Wellness Dr. Morais Guy (left) along with former president of the Medical Association of Jamaica Dr. Shane Alexis (right), examine cleaning and sanitation products and masks distributed by Manpower & Maintenance Services Limited (MMS), along with Chairman of MMS Mrs. M. Audrey Hinchcliffe (centre) at the workshop – Coronavirus, Facts not Fear, Fighting Back – held at the Spanish Court Hotel in Kingston on March 05, 2020. Photo by: Aston Spaulding

Manpower & Maintenance Services Limited (MMS) is adhering to all the necessary guidelines for cleaning and infection control in the interest of the safety of its employees and clients in light of the coronavirus outbreak, the company’s management has announced.

Infection control has its underpinning in cleaning and disinfection. This is Manpower & Maintenance Services Limited’s (MMS) area of expertise. The company has honed its craft and this year celebrate over 30 years in the cleaning business.

In addressing infectious diseases, MMS has established an envious track record because of the nature of the services the organisation provides to a number of businesses and institutions including hospitals, points of entry such as airports, wharves, cruise ship piers; where there are large groups of workers, for example, BPOs; training and educational facilities, hotels, entertainment venues, corporate offices, among others.

According to Chairman and CEO of MMS, Audrey Hinchcliffe, “it is customary that whenever there is heightened advice needed on any infectious diseases, MMS moves into high gear to understand the implications for our clients and services. Clients will recall that in the case of H1N1, Zika, Ebola, Chick V and Dengue, we convened workshops for our clients, employees, and experts to learn about the diseases and steps for control and mitigation.”

With this near-global outbreak of the coronavirus and the threat to Jamaica, “our approach is no different”, she said. It is against this background that the organisation, in its usual proactive manner, staged the recent Coronavirus Workshop held at the Spanish Court Hotel in Kingston, which brought together not only staff and clients but professionals in health and related entities, who were both presenters and participants.

“Manpower & Maintenance Services Limited takes very seriously its mandate and the relevant procedures for janitorial related services, and in particular cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting with a view to infection control and mitigation,” Mrs. Hinchcliffe said.

Given the untried nature of this outbreak, Mrs. Hinchcliffe added, “While there are standard procedures in place, we are now reviewing and revising our “Power Clean Procedures” to ensure that they are in sync

with the instructions for infection control from the relevant local, regional and international authorities.” She said, “With immediate effect, we are also reviewing our business Continuity Plan to include responding to epidemics; we will be appraising our plans and programmes in short order and we are also conducting staff re-training throughout client locations with a focus on infection control, and personal hygiene (in particular, hand washing), with immediate effect.”

Mrs. Hinchcliffe said that MMS also wishes to assure its clients and the wider community that, “as always, should the need arise, MMS is committed to working to do our part in dealing with the efforts to control the outbreak of any infectious diseases. “




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