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          Providing Quality Training and Development Programmes... possessing the will to overcome limitations

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        • Manpower & Maintenance Business Services

          Our Mission

          To provide high quality outsourced services and solutions that drive efficiency and productivity for our business partners.

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        • Manpower and Maintenance Services Foundation (MMSF)

          Our Inspiration

          Improving Lives Through Education. The power of education to positively transform life paths and lay the foundation for personal and national success is widely known. The foundation provides support to children and youth to access and fully maximize educational opportunities through grants, scholarships and internships. The Foundation also aids the transition process into the world of work through its mentorship programme. Here MMS employees volunteer as mentors to encourage and provide guidance to those who need it.

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About Us

Manpower & Maintenance Services Ltd has a proven record of performance in the commercial cleaning and related services for the past twenty nine(29) years.


Manpower & Maintenance Services Limited (MMS) was born out of the health services being offered by Caribbean Health Management Consultants Limited (CHMC) (1987), which attracted calls for cleaning and portering services in hospitals.  As a response, MMS was launched to take advantage of the opportunities and the rest is history.

MMS, the parent of the Group is a Limited Liability Company registered in May 1990. The company was established primarily to provide janitorial, building and ground maintenance services to health care institutions, but because of its proven record of performance starting at the prestigious Tony Thwaites Wing of the University Hospital of the West Indies, the company quickly attracted other health facilities and commercial businesses such as telecommunication companies, banks, offices, hotels among others.  MMS is now a full-service human resource and facilities maintenance company providing clients with services at multi-sites island-wide, with best-in-class and cost-effective solutions.

With the advent of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), MMS became prominent as a provider of bundled services including janitorial; grounds maintenance and landscaping; integrated pest management; carpet cleaning; human resource outsourcing.

MMS comprehensive approach to services delivery includes providing the human resources required for meeting the recurring long-term, special events and emergency requirements of our customers. Today the company boasts a staff cadre of over 1400 full time and part time employees, servicing over 180 clients at 220 locations island-wide in a variety of businesses comprising international, regional and local clients.


To provide solutions in facilities maintenance, workforce education and training, and outsourced services.


To be recognized for providing best in class solutions that empower people and provide innovation and unrivalled experience.


Accountability – the buck stops with me

Leadership – the courage to direct the course and the ability to anticipate and respond to change

Respect – communicate and collaborate in a manner that demonstrates mutual trust and respect

Commitment – do what we say we will do and what is right

Loyalty – build a learning organization where people are proud to work and grow