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Manpower Placement Agency FAQs

A. MMS/PA specializes in providing human resources services including recruiting and placing both temporary and permanent workers who are trained, skilled, certified and experienced in a variety of areas. 

A. MMS/PA is owned and managed by trained and experienced business professionals whose expertise span a range of disciplines including human resource management, administration, ICT, telecommunications, tourism, health and facilities maintenance. 

A. The Agency is licenced by the Ministry of Labour and Social Security in Jamaica for both local and international placements.

A. The Agency maintains a data bank of pre-screened, skilled personnel who are ready for assignment to different positions. If certain skill categories are absent from the data bank, other methods including advertising, web-based posting and other search mechanisms are employed to ensure that persons with the relevant skills are identified and recruited.

A. In addition to ensuring that recruits are qualified, the Agency carefully vets all applicants. This process is carried out by the Agency’s staff who are experts in human resource management and industrial relations. 

A. The Agency offers a variety of centralized services including human resource management, business and professional candidate searches and outplacement. Other services include: workers for maid service, home management, food handling, customer service, ICT, office administration and facilities maintenance. Mentoring, skills assessment and behavioural testing as well as career counseling are also features of the Placement Agency.

A. Yes. Our Agency is aware that with the emergence of new markets, different skills will be required. We are therefore committed to continuing our research into modern approaches to human resources management in areas such a job content, education and training, testing, certification and hiring practices. 

A. The Agency offers the convenience of a single point of request for a variety of services. We are also committed to upholding quality standards backed by careful monitoring of service delivery outcomes, open communication, reporting and training. Our overall functions are governed by our Customer Service Charter.

A. Recruits benefit from the opportunity and the convenience to access full or part-time employment or temporary project assignments on a contractual basis from a single, reputable source.

A. Our operational management is carried out by a widely experienced team led by an operations manager whose focus is search, recruitment and placement. The team consists of HR experts and trained counselors who are responsible for: search, assessment / testing, placement, facilitating the application for visas and work permits, training and orientation, benefits administration, drug testing and security clearance and employee assistance programme.

A. A team assigned ensures the smooth operation of communication, clerical, administrative and technical (IT) systems. The company is fully equipped with personnel and the tools of modern technology to ensure that requests are met in a timely manner.

A. The Agency is mobilized to select suitable candidates and is activated when the client 
outlines his/her objectives and the job details for potential recruits. A job description will be 
generated outlining qualifications and responsibilities. A Contractual Agreement or employment letter from the Contractor to the worker will detail length of employment and conditions of service. Clients, in consultation with the outsource partner will establish an agreement in which is set out the roles and responsibilities of each party. An accompanying Operational Manual and Employee Handbook will reinforce the expected outcomes.

A. Pricing includes all the inputs to recruiting, placing and maintaining an employee in post whether full-time or part-time, or for project work. There are items which will be billed as incurred or services outside of the Contractual Agreement which will be negotiated on a case by case basis.