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MMS Executive Body

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

M. AUDREY STEWART – HINCHCLIFFE C.D, J.P, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Manpower & Maintenance Services Placement Agency Ltd (MMSPA) and the Founder and major shareholder of the parent company Manpower & Maintenance Services Limited which was established in 1990.

She is an International Health Management Specialist with a proven record of achievement in Business Administration Education, Training and Consultancy Services. She is experienced in negotiating and administering a variety of Service Contracts for companies in Jamaica and the Bahamas and as advisor to Caribbean Governments on healthcare privatization, Occupational Health Services. She is the chief contracts negotiator for the group of companies which includes: Manpower & Maintenance Services Limited, Caribbean Health Management Consultants Limited, Manpower & Maintenance Services Placement Agency Limited and the Institute for Workforce Education and Development (IWED) Limited. Mrs. Hinchcliffe is trained as a Registered Nurse and holds a B. A., Community Health; M.Sc., Health Administration; Certificates in Health Economics and Project Management.

Deputy, Chief Executive Officer
deputy ceo

GARTH L. HINCHCLIFFE, Deputy, Chief Executive Officer, currently completing an MBA at Manchester University, Is Shareholder and Director and holds responsibility for Operations, Technology & Marketing; a Certified Pest Control Operator, has special interests in Landscape design and implementation and has extensive working experience in Project Implementation and Management.

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