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Janitorial Services

Staff perform better and clients are more inclined to do business in a clean environment. We work in consultation with the management team of your facility to ensure the cleaning and safe chemical disinfection of:

  • Washrooms
  • Furniture surfaces
  • Specialized areas (e.g., labs)
  • Walls
  • Floors
  • Windows

Communication & Directives

Our trained janitorial teams are briefed on your specific needs before being deployed and:

  • Perform duties according to a jointly-defined schedule which specifies what is to be cleaned, when, how and how often
  • Can be assigned either full-service cleaning duty or item replenishment duty where they check to ensure there is sufficient paper towels, soap, toilet paper and other supplies.
  • We ensure the performance standards described in the service level agreement are honoured by sending our Contracts and Quality Control Coordinators on impromptu and scheduled visits.
janitorial services

Janitorial Consultancy

When you choose the janitorial consultancy of MMS, we ensure that your facility reflects your commitment to quality in every area by devising and implementing the most effective cleaning and sanitation regimen.

Take advantage of our no-obligation consultation where we evaluate your current operations and recommend sound improvement solutions to assist your in-house or outsourced team. Whatever the nature or size of your operations, we have the know-how to ensure it is cleaned and sanitized according to internationally established standards and procedures.

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Our Clients

  • Commercial and Private Businesses
  • Financial Institutions
  • Property Management Companies
  • Home Owners
  • Sea and Airports
  • Cruise Ship Piers
  • Business Custodial Services
  • Call Centers
  • Health Centers and Hospitals

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